Why Food Radar?
Foreign Bodies
The System
Detection Principle
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"At Schwartauer Werke we have followed the advancements of the Food Radar detection technology for some time. With its latest developments we find it to be a very suitable tool in our ongoing programs for improved quality and food safety. We have therefore implemented the system in fruit processing after proving its ability to detect pits, plastic and other foreign bodies. The systems ability to address low density foreign bodies impressed us."

Dr. Sebastian Portius
VP Innovation & Quality Jam/Healthy Snacks
Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co KGaA

“We had been searching for a solution to primarely detect low density contaminates such as fruit stones and fragments, pieces of plastic, plastic tape etc for our jam filling line. Until we discovered the Food Radar solution this proved to be absolutely impossible. We read about the application of the Food Radar and after initial tests we bought and installed the system. It has had an enormous effect as is able to emit contamination that our in-line magnets, metal detector or X-Ray system can not identify.”

Marcel Swart
Manager Quality & Development
Guerts Conservenfabriek b.v.

“While implementing the Food Radar system we aimed at the food safety benefits while at the same time looking to improve our process – when you work with the Food Radar staff you can feel the passion that they put forth into their products”

Ken Nowosielski - Plant Manager
Bay Valley Foods
Pittsburgh USA

"At ALSAT we have a strong focus on product safety. As we strive to be in the forefront we identified the unique benefits that the Food Radar technology offers in our production situation. We can now look back on a successful implementation in our diced tomato process."

Miguel Ángel Martin
CEO-Managing Director

"At Emmi we have a strong focus on product safety and have invested in the Food Radar system"

Emmen Switzerland

"We find this technology very interesting for helping to eliminate low density foreign matter, in particular plastics, thereby further ensuring the quality of the product we deliver to our customers"

Michael Philp
European Process Improvement Manager
HJ Heinz

"With increasing use of plastics in everyday applications and the difficulty of detecting them on-line, many food companies regard plastics as one of the most important causes of foreign body complaints."

Dr. Mike Edwards
Microscopy Section Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Campden BRI and EHEDG affiliate