Why Food Radar?
Foreign Bodies
The System
Detection Principle
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Why Food Radar?

Foreign body detection in food products is a priority for every established food producer.
There are very capable Metal and X-ray sensors available today. However these systems do not offer a complete solution as many foreign bodies are not detected by the traditional technology.
Food Radar Systems offers a unique detection system for a wide range of foreign bodies in viscous products.

Food Radar Systems presents the latest weapon in the arsenal of safety technology. A sensor system designed for emulsions and pumpable products. It has the capability of detecting not only the denser foreign bodies (i.e., metal, stone, and glass) but is particularly suited to foreign bodies such as wood, plastic, bone, extraneous vegetable matter. The technology is based on a unique and patented technique that uses microwaves to detect foreign bodies.

In use by global producers

Major food corporations using the Food Radar technology are experiencing a broader level of contamination protection. It may come as no surprise that the first systems went into baby food factories. What was previously considered an unbridgeable gap in foreign body detection has been closed by Food Radar Systems' new microwave technology.