So how does it all work?


The Food Radar® is a microwave-based detection technology

Foreign bodies are detected by transmitting low-power microwaves through the food product. The system uses a microwave sensor designed for emulsions and pumpable products and measures the dielectric properties of the food flowing through your processing equipment.
Foreign bodies produce a deviation from the norm, activating a very fast pneumatic rejection unit controlled by a proprietary automatic algorithm. The system not only detects denser foreign objects such as glass and metal, but is particularly well-suited to less dense foreign objects such as wood splinters, hard and soft plastics, rubber, extraneous vegetable matter, fruit stones and starch lumps in all kind of foods.

Empty sensor

When the sensor is empty, the microwave fields can propagate between the antennas without getting disturbed.

Microwave sensor - empty
Microwave sensor - flow

Flow of product

When there is a flow of product in the sensor, the microwaves are affected by the food. This creates a background noise that is the baseline for the measurements.

Foreign body detection

When a foreign body enters the sensor, it creates a disturbance in the background noise that is detected with signal processing.

Microwave sensor - foreign body