Why Food Radar?
Foreign Bodies
The System
Detection Principle
The Pilot Plant

FoodTec Innovation Award

In recognition of exemplary innovation projects Food Radar Systems has been awarded The International FoodTec Innovation Award.

World Food Innovation

Food Safety is our Mission

Food Radar Systems mission is to increase product safety for the Food Industry by developing and marketing a non invasive on-line system capable of detecting foreign bodies in food that existing systems do not capture.

It is a sensor system designed for emulsions and pumpable products that has the capability of detecting not only the denser foreign bodies but is particularly suited to foreign bodies such as wood, plastic, bone, extraneous vegetable matter.

Born in the industry

Food Radar Systems started as a joint research project together with the industry and Chalmers University of Technology at SIK – The Swedish Institute for food and biotechnology. The system was born out of a need to detect typical foreign bodies of plastics, rubber, wood and pits etc. that existing technologies do not address. The systems opens up new opportunities for food suppliers to protect their processes and to deliver additional values to their customers. The Food Radar System is unique and patented.